the recovery rock opera

FIX (What's Your Monkey) is a powerful mix

of modern dance, drama, comedy and live rock’n’roll featuring the Peter Moon Band and the Nashville in Motion Dance Company. The production deals with issues of addiction, recovery, and relationships. Performances at the Belcourt Theater, the Tennessee Governor’s School For the Arts (MTSU), and the Renaissance Center won rousing support and standing ovations. The creators, cast and crew were humbled when they learned that several audience members made the decision to enter rehab after seeing the show. Singer/songwriter Moon says "We always try to give a good show with a relevant message - but the way FIX has taken on a life of its own really confirms the transformative power of the Arts for me and everyone on our team."

Help us use the power of the arts to encourage living beyond addiction!

Every single person has at least one friend or loved one who struggles with the effect of addictive behavior. FIX is Nashville's original ROCK OPERA addressing addiction, recovery, and relationships. The show has inspired several audience members to enter recovery programs! Your gift helps us to continue to perform a unique show that employs dance, comedy, drama and sweet rock'n'roll to provide hope on living beyond addiction. To make a donation, click on the the link Gift to Fix.